Haines & Company, Inc Serving Businesses and Organizations Nationwide Since 1932



BOOK FORM: Since 1932, businesses, nonprofits and government entities have relied on the updated and easy-to-find listing in the Haines Criss+Cross Directory. Listings of residents and businesses are arranged by street and house numbers (Addressakey) and by telephone number sequence (Telokey), allowing users to target sales programs to profitable areas, perform cost-effective and accurate direct mail, locate customers to collect overdue accounts and more. ShoppinGent

ON CD: Criss+Cross Plus contains every residential and business listing in your area on CD, plus the tools to perform money- and time-saving direct mail campaigns from your desktop. Print mailing labels and telemarketing lists; design and print customized postcards addressed to your targeted prospects; market to older/newer homes based on length of residency; target any street, city, or zip code; market to neighbors of current customers; contact specific types of businesses based on SIC code; and much more.